Sunday, 30 May 2010


"UH, OE, OI, AR, UM" Tawa the Ogre guffawed
Til he was dead in his scum den along the Seine,
His ore quota complete.
"No veg", Jean quipped.

Doggers rarely ID their toy mix,
Tip for tap, ama zas,
Nil points for bib splat.
"Lol!", you lied.

Sunday, 16 May 2010


Source unknown.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Joe vs Karen

Six talented men are really quite hi.
Eating 'za from the hob will only go to your hips.
Which will make you bad, sad and doomy.
And your insides rot
No matter how fun it seems at the time.
Corn, however, is mega.

Youth punks unite at the zoo/xu
Animals declawed firing "OW"s til it stops.
We failed Virgos go home to watch QI and ER
And spoon Gü from the pot.
Ink jets from the nib: "ah...".

Monday, 3 May 2010

Joe vs Ollie

Elated shaven neo groin
Is themed 'able sex vice'. Waae!
Proud grebe rigs fey hives
Ooon ape rex.
Dour pa sawn off shotgun zits away (ow)
Long tic remit
Fire = au
Tardy kiss upon a nail

Well, if Shakespeare was allowed to make up words, than so can I.

Ollie vs Freya

"OM ZA GUR XU EF!" - the pod elf's way of saying "Hi".
The goose (not duct) honked "gunaaar" in reply.
Neither stoners nor healers pity yobs
Who fund te sex of lairds
Who on NY websites do invite fate jets.
Inky icons of voles reach vials and trowels
Items of ire and awe.
Not me, Piahi are met with
Gag and bane.

Christ that was a tough one. T he two le tt er w or ds wi ll be t he en d of me.